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Romanesque style and Santa Maria in Porto (copy)

Author: Fenati Anna Giulia
Description: Tick the correct answer
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1. The construction of the Church began in:
A) 1863
B) 1783
C) 1553
D) 1749

2. On the altar of the left extremity there is:
A) the Greek Madonna
B) the statue of San Pietro
C) the statue of San Lorenzo
D) the painting by Emilio Taruffi

3. The most popular materials were:
A) stones, bricks and marble finishes
B) stones and bricks
C) stones, glass and iron
D) iron and bricks

4. The map of the churches is:
A) a cross plan
B) a Greek cross
C) a Latin cross
D) a Gotic cross

5. In the niches of the two lateral sectors of the upper band there are:
A) statue of San Lorenzo
B) statue of Sant%27Agostino
C) statue of Pietro degli Onesti
D) statue of San Nicola

6. In the upper band at the two ends of the facade there are:
A) statue of Sant%27Agostino
B) statue of Sant%27Ubalda
C) statue of San Lorenzo
D) statue of San Pietro