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Author: Altuna Jon
Keywords: animals, , , , , , online teaching

0. Eagle
1. Ant
2. Caterpillar
3. Zebra
4. Elephant
5. Parrot
6. Lion
7. Crocodile
8. Giraffe
9. Kangaroo
10. Frog
11. Monkey
12. Penguin
13. Dolphin
14. Rabbit
15. Duck

0. This animal is a larvae (the baby) of a butterfly
1. This animal is a large type of cat
2. This animal is grey and has a trunk
3. This is a large sized bird that eats rabbits and mouses
4. This animal is intelligent and grey. It likes to swim in the sea
5. This insect is small sized invertebrate that work in team found all
6. Small mammals and herbivores that feed on mainly grass
7. This animial is an amphibian that lives in water environments
8. This animal has a very long neck
9. This animal has black and white stripes. It can run like a horse.
10. This animal is a bird. It likes the cold.
11. This is a type of bird. It can talk.
12. Medium sized aquatic birds similar to swans and geese
13. This animal likes to swing from trees.
14. This animal is a reptile. It has sharp teeth and short legs.
15. This animal is from Australia. It hops up and down on its back legs.