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Camody E2

Author: martin alex
Description: Select the correct answer
Keywords: Animal Farm, Quiz, Test, , , , online teaching


1. Animalism represents
A) Communism
B) Dictatorship
C) Democracy
D) Monarchy

2. # is very skeptical.
A) Joseph Stalin
B) Snowball
C) Benjamin
D) Boxer

3. Old Major represent czar Nicholas II

4. Boxer represents
A) Squeler
B) Karl Marx
C) Dedicated supporters
D) Selfish people

5. From whose perspective is Animal Farm told
A) Boxer
B) Mr. Jones
C) Joseph Stalin
D) None of the above

6. In Chapter 1, How is Mr. Jones portrayed?
A) Hero
B) Alcoholic
C) Shy
D) Outgoing

7. In Chapter 3, Snowball and Napoleon argue on almost every issue that arises. What do they agree on?
A) Educating the young
B) Nothing
C) To disagree
D) All of the above

8. What human trait is revealed in Boxer?
A) Selfish
B) Loyal
C) Impatient
D) Derranged

9. Select two What human trait is revealed in Mollie?
A) Vain
B) Self Absorbed
C) Mean
D) Generous