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Andalusian crossword

Author: González María
Description: Read the clues to find the twelve Andalusian items hidden in the crossword.
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Crossword hints:
_________________ is a tradition in Spain. Spanish people are against or for it. Is it artistic expression or animal abuse?, %22_________________%22 is a typical dance in Andalusia. We dance in pairs, turning around, moving our wrists, putting our hands up and down... Girls wear beautiful dresses with flounces to dance., _________________ are a typical percussion instrument that we use in our dances or music. They are made of wood and have two small ropes where we introduce our thumbs to play them., A _________________ is a kind of fish. It’s grey and it tastes so good when you cook it in a barbecue!, _________________ are round, green and very popular as appetizer before main meals in Andalusia. We have different types of them. We get oil from them., The _________________ is a popular fruit in Andalusia. We have many trees that produce this fruit and its good smelling flowers in spring perfume our cities and towns. You can use it to make delicious, _________________ is a typical food in Andalusia. It%27s worldwide known as a delicious and healthy food that comes from the pig., The _________________ is a red and delicious fruit. Spanish children love it and have it in milkshakes, orange juice or cream., The _________________ is a red vegetable that we can buy in markets or grow in a garden. We eat it in salads and use it as an important ingredient in Spanish cuisine., Our _________________ is so good! It comes from grapes and Spanish adults drink it in special occasions or daily meals., The _________________ is a green vegetable. Sometimes, we have it in salads. It%27s one of the main ingredients in our typical %22gazpacho%22 (a kind of soup whose main ingredient is tomato)., The _________________ is a typical string musical instrument in Andalusia. It is made of wood and it has got six strings.,

Crossword words: