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Unit 4: Ancient India

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: There are 48 question and answer pairs, so you%27ll need to play through a few times before you see them all. If you can score 100%25 three times in a row, you%27re probably in good shape for the exam. :)
Keywords: India, Hinduism, Buddhism, Monsoons, Caste System, , online teaching

0. Cattle
1. Summer Monsoon
2. Mauryan Empire
3. Hinduism
4. Moksha
5. Aryans
6. Reincarnation or Samsara
7. Men
8. Indian Mathematical Achievements
9. Untouchables
10. Mahayana Buddhism
11. Karma
12. Brahmins
13. Indus River
14. Siddartha Gautama
15. Theravada Buddhism

0. Mixture of Aryan and Harappan beliefs %26 believes all life is sacred
1. Pariahs; the group so low, it didn%27t belong to any varna
2. Suttee - Wife throws herself into husband%27s funeral fire
3. belief in many gods and/or goddesses
4. Smaller dynasty %26 time of India%27s golden age of art %26 learning
5. It%27s required if you want to be reincarnated into a higher jati.
6. Indian dynasty with huge lands - Chandragupta and Asoka
7. Popular with low castes because it did NOT defend the caste system
8. cold %26 dry air blowing SW into India
9. household including grandparents, parents %26 kids
10. Social group that someone is born into %26 cannot change
11. The good or bad consequences of how you live your life
12. One of the four main levels of jati in India
13. Algebra, Algorithms, Infinity,Numerals 1-9, and Zero
14. Founder of Buddhism - Buddha, the Enlightened One
15. State of wisdom - ultimate goal of Buddhism