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Unit 4: Ancient India

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: There are 48 question and answer pairs, so you%27ll need to play through a few times before you see them all. If you can score 100%25 three times in a row, you%27re probably in good shape for the exam. :)
Keywords: India, Hinduism, Buddhism, Monsoons, Caste System, , online teaching

0. Cattle
1. Harappan or Indus civilization
2. Extended Family
3. Men
4. Sudras
5. Aryans
6. How to end suffering
7. Sanskrit
8. Theocracy
9. Untouchables
10. Mauryan Empire
11. Causes of the fall of Harappan civilization
12. Varna
13. Fields of science studied in ancient India
14. Determined by your caste
15. Vedas

0. dirty work like collecting trash, skinning animals, dealing w/ dead
1. divine law; requires people to do the duty of their caste
2. Biggest varna; made up of unskilled laborers and servants
3. written language Aryans developed after settling in India
4. believes Buddha was a teacher NOT a god - found in SE Asia
5. Release from the cycle of rebirth in Hinduism (join with Brahman)
6. Pariahs; the group so low, it didn%27t belong to any varna
7. Astronomy, Metallurgy, Medicine
8. cold %26 dry air blowing SW into India
9. a large landmass that is part of a continent - but distinct from it
10. earthquakes, floods, and Aryan invasion
11. indoor plumbing, garbage chutes, %26 town granaries
12. Outnumbered nomads from central Asia who ruled India
13. household including grandparents, parents %26 kids
14. Founder of Buddhism - Buddha, the Enlightened One
15. India%27s first civilization began in its valley