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Unit 4: Ancient India

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: There are 48 question and answer pairs, so you%27ll need to play through a few times before you see them all. If you can score 100%25 three times in a row, you%27re probably in good shape for the exam. :)
Keywords: India, Hinduism, Buddhism, Monsoons, Caste System, , online teaching

0. Karma
1. Men
2. Moksha
3. Nirvana
4. Varna
5. Theravada Buddhism
6. Caste/jati
7. Why be happy and obedient to the caste you%27re born into?
8. Some Facts about Hinduism
9. Asoka
10. Gupta Empire
11. Indus River
12. Harappan conveniences
13. Untouchables
14. Brahman
15. Indian Mathematical Achievements

0. household including grandparents, parents %26 kids
1. The common people like farmers %26 merchants
2. highest varna; made up of priests
3. Algebra, Algorithms, Infinity,Numerals 1-9, and Zero
4. indoor plumbing, garbage chutes, %26 town granaries
5. Government headed by a religious leader
6. written language Aryans developed after settling in India
7. Smaller dynasty %26 time of India%27s golden age of art %26 learning
8. It%27s required if you want to be reincarnated into a higher jati.
9. Four sacred writings that contain Hindu-ism%27s key beliefs
10. Popular with low castes because it did NOT defend the caste system
11. Social group that someone is born into %26 cannot change
12. early civilization in India - one major city was Mohenjo-Daro
13. believes Buddha was a teacher NOT a god - found in SE Asia
14. People who travel to visit religious sites or shrines
15. Universal spirit in Hinduism that all souls want to join