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Ancient China (Unit 5)

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: There are 48 questions in this game. You%27ll need to play several times before you see all of the questions. If you can score 100%25 four times in a row - you will probably do very well on your test.
Keywords: Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, ancient China, Silk Road, Philosophies , Filial Piety, , online teaching

0. Subjects on the civil service exam in ancient China
1. Cause of the fall of the Han Dynasty
2. Reason merchants were not respected in ancient China
3. Oracle Bones
4. Dynaty
5. Jobs of China%27s Merchant Class
6. Confuciaism
7. Buddhism
8. Bureaucrat
9. Invention of the Iron Plow
10. Aristocrats
11. Invention of the saddle and stirrup
12. Warlords
13. Overthrow
14. Accupuncture
15. Liu Bang (later Han Gaozu)

0. People lost confidence in weak, corrupt rulers (Civil War)
1. Waterwheels, iron drill bits, steel, paper, %26 acupuncture
2. Military leaders who commanded their own armies (Shang Dynasty)
3. Built with stone, sand %26 rubble to protect northern China
4. Worshipped by ancient Chinese - evidence of polytheism
5. Stated that children MUST respect elders and parents
6. Family and Community
7. Long, difficult tests to qualify for Han bureaucracy
8. Led the rebellion against the Shang %26 started Zhou Dynasty
9. Tea, Spices, Porcelain, %26 (of course) Silk!
10. Vast, cold, rocky desert to the North of China; borders Mongolia
11. Formal order stating kings rule because they are chosen by gods
12. Ancient China%27s first great thinker %26 teacher - emphasized duty
13. live on land owned by someone else %26 pay rent in crops
14. Nomads from Gobi who fought on horseback %26 raided China
15. Appointed official who is responsible for an area of gov%27t