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Ancient China (Unit 5)

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: There are 48 questions in this game. You%27ll need to play several times before you see all of the questions. If you can score 100%25 four times in a row - you will probably do very well on your test.
Keywords: Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, ancient China, Silk Road, Philosophies , Filial Piety, , online teaching

0. Confucius
1. Invention of the saddle and stirrup
2. Invetion of rudder %26 a new way to move ship sails
3. Liu Bang (later Han Gaozu)
4. Reason merchants were not respected in ancient China
5. 3 Dynasties of ancient China
6. Great Wall of China
7. Civil Service Exams
8. Silk Road
9. Period of the Warring States
10. Qin Shihuangdi
11. Book Burning
12. Tenant Farmers
13. Filial Piety
14. Bureaucrat
15. Pricey Items carried on the Silk Road

0. landowning aristocrats, farmers, %26 then merchants
1. Oldest male in the household - usually father
2. Tea, Spices, Porcelain, %26 (of course) Silk!
3. Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism
4. Practice of inserting thin needles into the skin to ease pain
5. Military leaders who commanded their own armies (Shang Dynasty)
6. Beginning of Chinese Writing (ask a question %26 heat for answer)
7. Formal order stating kings rule because they are chosen by gods
8. Helped ancient Chinese deal with stress and fair of war
9. Characters that stand for objects in Chinese writing
10. They were too involved with money - not with land
11. Found no allies - Did discover Silk Road %26 a supply of horses
12. Nobles whose wealth came from the land they owned
13. peasant turned military leader who started Han Dynasty
14. 4,000 mile long network of trade routes from China to SW Asia
15. Long, difficult tests to qualify for Han bureaucracy