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Amino Acids domino

Author: Abdullah Atom
Keywords: amino acids, domino, biochemistry, SL, Biochem, , online teaching

0. Aspartate
1. Cysteine
2. Proline
3. Alanine
4. Therionine
5. Isoleucine
6. Tryptophan
7. Phenylalanine
8. Lysine
9. Methionine
10. Aspargine
11. Arginine
12. Tyrosine
13. Glycine
14. Serine
15. Histidine

0. polar with OH on the R group
1. nonpolar aromatic
2. polar and negative
3. nonpolar with methyl group om the R group
4. nonpolar with Sulfur
5. polar positive
6. nonpolar simple no chiral center
7. nonpolar aromatic and bulky
8. polar positive with Guanidinom ion
9. polar with Sulfur and participate in forming Disulfide bond
10. nonpolar branched
11. polar aromatic with OH on the R group
12. polar with OH on the R group
13. polar positive and had imino group
14. polar and has amide bond on its R group
15. nonpolar Alpha helic breaker