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Laws Leading to the American Revolution

Author: Cory Brent
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0. Patriots
1. Boston Massacre
2. Quartering Act
3. Thomas Paine
4. Burning Effigies
5. Treaty of 1763
6. Sons of Liberty
7. Writs of Assistance
8. Townshend Acts
9. Loyalists
10. Coercive Act
11. Stamp Act
12. Proclamation of 1763
13. Declaratory Acts
14. Boston Tea Party
15. Tea Act

0. France lost all of North America and Britain gained it.
1. Gave British East India right to import tea w/out paying taxes.
2. Those wishing to remain part of England.
3. Closed Boston, Prevented Meetings, Forced Quartering.
4. Said Boston Citizens have to house soldiers in their homes.
5. Reaction to Tea Act that caused parliament to pass Coercives
6. Said Parilamenthas the right to make all laws for colonies
7. Those wanting Independence
8. Placed tax on all paper goods.
9. Destroying Represenations of People.
10. Wrote Common Sense and An American Crisis.
11. Prevented Colonists from setting west of Appalachians
12. Allowed British Customs Officials to search w/out a search warran
13. Organized to fight Stamp Act by Sam Adams.
14. Accidental shooting used as Propaganda by Sam Adams.
15. Placed tax on Lead, paper, glass