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American Indians (3a, 3b, 3c)

Author: Gehle Beth
Keywords: US I to 1865, US History, , , , , online teaching

0. capital resources
1. Cactus Hill
2. Kwakiutl
3. adobe pueblo
4. natural resources
5. Lakota
6. French explorers
7. Iroquois
8. plank house
9. igloo
10. human resources
11. archaeology
12. Pueblo
13. longhouse
14. tepee
15. Inuit

0. lived in the Southwest in desert areas, cliffs, and mountains
1. shelter of the Iroquois
2. people who work to produce goods and services (ex: fisherman)
3. established trading posts with American Indians
4. very old archaeological site, on the Nottoway River in southeast VA
5. lived in the Pacific Northwest with a rainy, mild, climate
6. the recovery of material evidence from the past
7. shelter of the Lakota
8. shelter of the Kwakiutl
9. lived in the Arctic with a below-freezing climate
10. goods produced %26 used to make other goods and services (ex: spear)
11. shelter of the Inuit
12. lived in the heavily forested Eastern Woodlands
13. shelter of the Pueblo
14. resources that come directly from nature (example: fish)
15. lived on the Great Plains with dry grasslands