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All the People We%27ve Learned!

Author: Gehle Beth
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0. Cyrus McCormick
1. Patrick Henry
2. Jo Anderson
3. William Lloyd Garrison
4. Harriet Tubman
5. Jefferson Davis
6. James Madison
7. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
8. John Cabot
9. Samuel de Champlain
10. Francisco Coronado
11. Samuel Adams
12. Phillis Wheatley
13. John Adams
14. Robert E. Lee
15. George Mason

0. President of the Confederate States of America
1. a Civil War nurse who created the Red Cross
2. commander of Continental Army, president of the Constitutional Convention
3. former slave, wrote the North Star, worked for abolition
4. French explorer who established Quebec
5. African-American surveyor who helped design D.C.
6. an enslaved person who helped invent the mechanical reaper
7. General of the Union army that defeated Lee
8. English explorer who explored eastern Canada
9. one inventor of the reaper, also an entrepreneur who helped sell the reaper
10. British General who surrendered at Yorktown
11. member of the House of Burgesses; %22give me liberty or give me death%22
12. improved the steamboat
13. author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights
14. wrote the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address
15. played a leadership roled in the women%27s rights movement