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All the People We%27ve Learned!

Author: Gehle Beth
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0. George Mason
1. Isabel %22Sojourner%22 Truth
2. Cyrus McCormick
3. Jefferson Davis
4. Robert E. Lee
5. Paul Revere
6. Benjamin Franklin
7. Susan B. Anthony
8. Robert LaSalle
9. Robert Fulton
10. Harriet Tubman
11. King George III
12. John Adams
13. Benjamin Banneker
14. George Washington
15. Phillis Wheatley

0. a Civil War nurse who created the Red Cross
1. Championed independence, became the second President of the U.S.
2. former slave, wrote the North Star, worked for abolition
3. British General who surrendered at Yorktown
4. warned Europeans to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
5. an enslaved person who helped invent the mechanical reaper
6. abolitionist, wrote the Liberator, wanted immediate emancipation
7. former enslaved person who worked for women%27s suffrage
8. played a leadership roled in the women%27s rights movement
9. led many slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad
10. worked for voting rights for women
11. French explorer who established Quebec
12. along with Paul Revere, led patriots in Boston Tea Party
13. invented the cotton gin
14. Patriot who made a daring ride to warn colonists of British arrival
15. General of the Union army that defeated Lee