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All the People We%27ve Learned!

Author: Gehle Beth
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0. Robert Fulton
1. King George III
2. Robert Smalls
3. Paul Revere
4. Thomas %22Stonewall%22 Jackson
5. George Washington
6. Thomas Jefferson
7. Harriet Tubman
8. Cyrus McCormick
9. James Madison
10. Isabel %22Sojourner%22 Truth
11. Jo Anderson
12. Samuel de Champlain
13. Ulysses S. Grant
14. John Cabot
15. Abraham Lincoln

0. invented the cotton gin
1. warned Europeans to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
2. leader of the Army of Northern Virginia
3. an enslaved person who helped invent the mechanical reaper
4. French explorer who claimed the Mississippi River Valley
5. former slave, wrote the North Star, worked for abolition
6. author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights
7. improved the steamboat
8. Union naval captain, Congressman after the war
9. helped gain French support for American independence
10. a Civil War nurse who created the Red Cross
11. former enslaved person who wrote poems and plays for independence
12. Spanish explorer who claimed the Southwest United States
13. War of 1812 took place while he was President
14. member of the House of Burgesses; %22give me liberty or give me death%22
15. along with Paul Revere, led patriots in Boston Tea Party