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All the People We%27ve Learned!

Author: Gehle Beth
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0. William Lloyd Garrison
1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Lord Cornwallis
3. Eli Whitney
4. Benjamin Banneker
5. James Madison
6. Robert Smalls
7. Thomas Jefferson
8. Frederick Douglass
9. Cyrus McCormick
10. Phillis Wheatley
11. Robert Fulton
12. Francisco Coronado
13. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
14. Samuel Adams
15. James Monroe

0. Spanish explorer who claimed the Southwest United States
1. former enslaved person who worked for women%27s suffrage
2. worked for voting rights for women
3. wrote the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address
4. French explorer who claimed the Mississippi River Valley
5. helped gain French support for American independence
6. British king during the Revolution
7. along with Paul Revere, led patriots in Boston Tea Party
8. led many slaves to freedom using the Underground Railroad
9. Patriot who made a daring ride to warn colonists of British arrival
10. warned Europeans to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
11. one inventor of the reaper, also an entrepreneur who helped sell the reaper
12. invented the cotton gin
13. improved the steamboat
14. English explorer who explored eastern Canada
15. author of the Declaration of Independence, third President of the U.S.