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Author: sackin Daniel
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0. What kinds of clothes do you like to wear in class?
1. What kinds of clothes do you like to wear after class?
2. May I help you?
3. How much is a new Honda Wave motorcycle in Thailand?
4. Do you need to buy anything?
5. Do you often wear blue jeans?
6. What do you where in the winter in Thaland?
7. Is that purse expensive?
8. How much is a cheap DVD at The Mall?
9. Does your mother like to go shopping?
10. How often do you go shopping at The Mall?
11. Do you like to wear desiger clothes?
12. How much is a cheap cell phone in Thailand?
13. May I borrow 1000 Baht?
14. Does your English teacher have to wear a suit and tie?
15. Are those earrings on sale?

0. About once a month.
1. Yes, they are.
2. Yes, she does.
3. No, he doesn\%27t.
4. Hmm, maybe about 1000 Baht.
5. Yes, I need to buy new flipflops.
6. No, I don\%27t.
7. Uhh, maybe about 35,000 Baht.
8. Yes, please. How much is that beautiful necklace?
9. A jacket, sometimes a sweater and a jacket.
10. 100 Baht.
11. Well, I have to wear a uniform.
12. Sure. No problem. Here you are.
13. No, it\%27s not.
14. Sometimes.
15. I Usually wear casual clothes, like jeans and a T-shirt.