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Identify Adjective Clauses

Author: Murillo Nancy
Description: Answer the next questions about adjective clauses!
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1. Complete the sentence: She likes shopping between two and three o%27clock, ---- most people are at work
A) during which
B) whom
C) why
D) where

2. Is this a Adjective clause? George Washington, the 1st president of the United States, was born in 1732.

3. Which is the adejctive clause? The shoes that I bought from Walmart turned out to be trash.
A) turned out
B) from Walmart
C) that I bought from Walmart
D) no adjective clause

4. Identify the adjective clause: My sports shoes are worth at least 25 dollars, and now I have lost them.
A) no adjective clause
B) are worth
C) I have lost
D) My sports shoes.