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Author: pelusa lola
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1. Many women in United States would like to have a _____.
A) Letter
B) Appointment
C) Car
D) Choice

2. Abortion is now _____ in California.
A) Outlawed
B) Cheaper
C) Legal
D) Sad

3. No one knows when the pill will be _____ to women in the United States.
A) Mailed
B) Available
C) Given
D) Shipped

4. A person who is against ______thinks the pill company is afraid to sell it in the United States.
A) Drugs
B) Marriage
C) Abortion
D) Free trate

5. Women living in France can have an _____ with a pill.
A) Appointment
B) Eye exam
C) Abortion
D) Operation

6. A doctor thinks women should be able to _____ a safer way to have an abortion.
A) Talk about
B) Show
C) Choose
D) See