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Author: Delgado Ale
Description: Puedes jugar domino, encontrar las parejas o unir los terminos. ¬°Suerte! You can play dominoes, find the pairs o just link up. Good luck!
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0. Sarah is from Australia.
1. She is African.
2. We are Mexican.
3. We are American.
4. We are Brazilian.
5. They are Thai.
6. Kumiko is Japanese.
7. We are Russian.
8. He is from England.
9. They are from Cuba.
10. He is from U.S.A
11. She is from Russia.
12. I am from Canada.
13. Jairo is from Venezuela.
14. She is Colombian.[
15. She is french.

0. They are Cuban.
1. I am Canadian.
2. She is Russian.
3. She is from Africa.
4. We are from Mexico.
5. He is Venezuelan.
6. She is from Colombia.
7. They are from Thailand.
8. She is Australian.
9. We are from Russia.
10. We are from Brazil.
11. She is from France.
12. We are from U.S.A
13. He is English.
14. She is from Japan.
15. He is American