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Author: lara lizama sandro jahziel
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1. activities in the city
2. activities in the beach
3. activities in the zoo
4. activities in the mall

0. you can swim in the beach
1. you can buy clothes
2. you can go to work
3. you can see a lot of animals
4. you can get sunburn
5. you can go to the cinema
6. you can take the subway
7. you can see snackes
8. you can drink coconut water
9. you can find CD´S
10. You can walk around a park
11. You can eat esquites
12. you can eat seafood
13. you can go to the supermarker
14. you can visit touristic places
15. you can ride a horse
16. you can find coconut desserts
17. you can find make up
18. you can ride the bus
19. you can play with your friends there