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A Call to Unity Vocabularly

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0. Schism
1. Catholic
2. Reformation
3. Protestant
4. Communion
5. Unity
6. Ecumenism
7. Presbyterian
8. Orthodox
9. Ecumenism
10. Ecclesial
11. Christian Denomination
12. Baptist
13. Sectarianism
14. Anglican
15. Conflict

0. Christians baptised into the Church of England
1. A state of coming together, joining to become one
2. To be in opposition, fight or struggle with other people
3. The movement towards unity amoung Christian Churches
4. Various Protestant Churches govened by lay
5. A grouping of Churches within Christianity e.g. Anglican
6. Relating to a church or its functions or teaching
7. A member of the evangelical Protestant church
8. A variety of Protestant groups with adult baptism
9. A term used to describe the Roman Church and its adherents
10. Formal division of the Eastern and Western Churches
11. The Orthodox Chrostian is one who is faithful to the belief in Jesus
12. The sacrament of the Eucharist recieved by a congregation
13. Christian Churches that separated from Catholicism
14. The movement towards unity among Christian Churches
15. Division or conflict arising from religious issues