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English Lab - First Activity

Author: Arboleda Aa
Description: It%27s now time to start the Video Booster exercises based on this video. Make sure you have viewed the video at least once before starting, and remember that you can replay or pause the video as many times as you want at any time during the practice.
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1. Definition:giving attention and effort to a specific task or goal
A) point view
B) attention
C) clarify
D) focused

2. Definition:to press or squeeze something very hard, often causing it to break or lose shape
A) pull over
B) crushes
C) hang
D) put away

3. Definition:able to float
A) dive
B) sing
C) play
D) buoyant

4. Definition:impossible to say no to or to deny something especially strong or attractive
A) iresistible
B) irresistivle
C) irresistible
D) irressistible

5. Definition:to see or notice something
A) read
B) spots
C) crushes
D) focused

6. Definition:to try to impress someone with your abilities or possessions
A) crushes
B) realms
C) show off
D) dive

7. Definition:unlikely to happen or to be true
A) far-fetched
B) sea
C) crushes
D) buoyant

8. What special thing is Sulbin able to do?
A) a. He believes that he is a marine mammal.
B) b. He can breathe underwater
C) c. He is the fastest swimmer in the world.
D) d. He can hold his breath underwater for a long time

9. Pick the correct word from three similar-sounding options to complete the gaps in the sentence. Sulbin is about to push his body almost beyond the realms of _______.
A) Possibility
B) Plausibility
C) Responsability
D) Posibility

10. Pick the correct word from three similar-sounding options to complete the gaps in the sentence. Focused and calm, Sulbin _______ 20 meters to the sea floor.
A) Decent
B) docents
C) descends
D) decends

11. His heartbeat slows to around 30 beats-per-minute. The pressure at these depths crushes his chest, squeezing the air in his lungs to_______ of its usual volume.
A) one thirty
B) one-third
C) once heard
D) 25 percent

12. By now, the carbon dioxide in his blood causes an almost irresistible urge to _______ for air.
A) grasp
B) gasp
C) guess
D) guest

13. Perhaps the idea of humans existing as marine _______ is not so far-fetched after all
A) animals
B) mammals
C) mummies
D) fishes

14. Let%27s go deeper now with a couple of questions to check your ability to pick up detailed information. How deep does Sulbin dive?
A) 20 meters
B) 12 centimeters
C) 5 kilometers
D) 30 feet

15. What is Sulbin doing at the bottom of the sea?
A) looking for underwater plants
B) collecting shells
C) hunting for marine mammals
D) hunting for fish

16. What allows Sulbin to stride across the sea floor?
A) the carbon dioxide in his blood
B) his special shoes
C) his supernatural powers
D) his negative buoyancy

17. What is Sulbin%27s heart rate at the bottom of the sea?
A) one-third of what it usually
B) is the same as on land
C) 20 beats-per-minute
D) 30 beats-per-minute

18. What is the longest amount of time that Sulbin is able to stay underwater?
A) 2-and-a-half minutes
B) 30 seconds
C) 5 minutes
D) a minute and three-quarters

19. Matt was trying to __________and told us a __________ story about a man who __________ rocks with his hands.
A) show off, far-fetched, crushes
B) far-fetched, show off, crushes
C) crushes, far-fetched, show off
D) crushes, show off, far-fetched

20. I felt an __________ urge to stop him, but I didn%27t. __________ on ignoring him, I started talking to another friend instead.
A) irresistible, crushes
B) focused, irresistible
C) irresistible, focused
D) irresistible, buoyant