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Module6 p.68 Practice %26 p.71 no. 4

Author: lee abby
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0. do not touch or put
1. Come on, let%27s go to that new club.
2. do not move
3. Thanks for everything, we %27ve had a nice evening.
4. Ouch! This tooth is painful.
5. lie
6. I think you ought to apologise to her.
7. I suppose you want to see Liz.
8. What%27s all this broken glass! What have you been doing?
9. I%27m exhausted.Let%27s stay in and rent a video.
10. go and get
11. do not run
12. I like living here because it%27s near the centre of town.
13. Your friend was lovely. I hope you%27ll invite him again.
14. Why are we inside on such a beautiful day?
15. stay clear of

0. Yes, I will. I think he enjoyed the evening as well.
1. Oh,you%27re boring these days.I wantto go out.
2. You know you need to go to the dentist%27s.
3. downstairs
4. Look, I think it%27s time we went home. It%27s nearly three.
5. anything on the wound
6. Well, you wanted to spend the day at a museum.
7. You%27re welcome.Come again soon!
8. That%27s true,but it gets noisy at night.
9. areas of water such as swimming pools
10. flat on the ground
11. the injured person
12. No,actually I wanted to see you.
13. help
14. Don%27t blame me! I didn%27t break it!
15. Why should I apologise? I didn%27t start the trouble.