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EOG Vocabulary Review

Description: Match the vocabulary term to the correct definition.
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0. Foreshadowing
1. Narrator
2. Theme
3. Character
4. Plot
5. Conflict
6. Transitions
7. Setting
8. Mood
9. Author%27s Purpose
10. Sequential Order/Sequence
11. Central Idea
12. Bias
13. Tone
14. Details
15. Chronological Order

0. The most important point the author makes.
1. A struggle between opposing forces.
2. A person, animal, or inanimate object in a literary work.
3. Prejudice toward one side of a subject or issue.
4. The reason the author has for writing.
5. Attitude a writer takes towards the audience, a subject, or a character.
6. Author%27s use of hints or clues to suggest events that will occur later in the story.
7. Any word or phrase used to move from one idea to another.
8. Events are in order according to dates and time
9. The sequence of events in a story.
10. Pieces of information that support or tell more about the main idea.
11. Character telling the story in a literary work.
12. A central message or insight into life revealed through a literary work.
13. The order in which things happen (first, second, then, etc...)
14. The time and place in which a story unfolds.
15. How the reader feels about the text while reading.