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Science (Mesuring temperatuer)

Author: ibrahim howaida
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1. Celsius thermometer
2. Medical / Clinical thermometer
3. Mercury
4. The main idea of thermometer

0. Use to measure temp of liquid %26 weather
1. Its range from 0 C to 100 C
2. Has no constriction
3. Its upper fixed point is the boiling point of water
4. Its lower fixed point is the melting point of ice
5. Its lower fixed point is the freezing point of water
6. use to measure the temp of human being
7. Its range from 35 C to 42 C
8. Has constriction
9. Alcohol is used to sterilize it
10. Shake it before using
11. Good conductor of heat
12. Silver in color to be easily seen
13. Has wide range to measure temperature
14. Never stick to the inner wall of capillary tube
15. Has regular expansion
16. Liquids expnd by heating and contract by cooling