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Chapter 7 vocabulary

Author: brewer michael
Description: Match the vocabulary term with its definition.
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0. repeal
1. Blocade
2. conseqnce
3. congress
4. tax
5. Loyalist
6. Right
7. boycott
8. legislature
9. public opinion
10. committee of correspondensel
11. self-government
12. representation
13. Minutmen
14. liberty
15. Quarter

0. part of British gov. where members make laws 4 people
1. a friend especially in time of war
2. to undo a law or tax
3. what the people of a community think
4. a goverment in which the people take part
5. group to share information about taxes %26 issues by writing letters
6. Money that is paid by people to run the country.
7. Act or speak on behalf of someone or something
8. to provide or pay for housing
9. the law making branch of a colony, state, or national gov.
10. a tax on goods brought into another coutry
11. fredom
12. a meeting of reps who have authority to make decisions
13. a member of the milita who could quickly be ready to fight british
14. a meeting of repesentives of the british colonies
15. the killing of people that cannot defend themselves.