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Science (Seeing colored objects)

Author: salama eman
Description: To obtain the right answer you have to match the red sentence with the black sentence in the domino . Note: each wrong attempt will decrease your score
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0. Black color
1. Red color
2. White light
3. Because it reflects all light colours...
4. Magenta
5. The secondary colors of light are
6. Yellow
7. Red, blue, green
8. Because it absorbe all light colors
9. it reflects
10. As it absorbs all light colors and transmit only red light
11. Cyan
12. Two primary lights
13. Spectrum colors
14. Transmitted through
15. As It absorbs all light colors but reflects yellow color

0. The seven colours of light which sunlight is made up of
1. When you look at a red apple through red glass sheet, it is seen
2. Red transparent glass seem in red colour
3. transparent objects have the same color of light which......
4. If we mix a blue and green light,the produced light is
5. If we mix a green and red light,the produced light is
6. Yellow opaque object seem in yellow color
7. White objects seem in white color
8. When you mix the 7 light colors of spectrum, we obtain
9. If you look at a banana through agreen glass sheet, it is seen
10. The secodary light is produced from mixing of
11. The primary colors of light are
12. Yellow, cyan, magenta
13. If we mix a blue and red light,the produced light is
14. Opaque objects have same colour of light which.....
15. Black objects seem in black color