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Major Philosophies

Author: Irvin Aria
Description: Idenitfy which major philosophy each attiribute best describes. Be sure to read the descriptions carefully!
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1. Idealism
2. Realism
3. Pragmatism
4. Existentialism

0. Noted as one of the oldest philosophies
1. Value sciences as much as the arts
2. Recognizes Dewey%27s views of education
3. Europen philosophy popularized after WWII
4. Attributed to Plato
5. View curriculum as hierarchical
6. Why? How come? What if? %3e Who? What? When?
7. Knowledge of human condition is most important
8. View curriculum as hierarchical- sciences lower
9. Attributed to Aristotle
10. Learning occurs through interaction and tests
11. Learners should choose how and what they study
12. Reality is spiritual and unchanging
13. Rationality is based on natural law
14. Reality is always changing
15. Reality is subjective; individually determined