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Jobs and Occupations

Author: McCutcheon Stephen
Description: Review all the jobs and occupations first. Then match the job with it%27s definition/example. Move the job name over the definition for them both to disappear. When all the pairs have disappeared, you will be the winner.
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0. postman
1. tailor
2. policeman
3. cook
4. electrician
5. astronaut
6. butcher
7. carpenter
8. surgeon
9. reporter
10. detective
11. farmer
12. teacher
13. cashier
14. politician
15. sculptor

0. I grow the crops that we need to eat.
1. I check your eyesight and help you see this beautiful world.
2. I paint people%27s homes and make beautiful art, too.
3. I work for your government to help run (govern) the country.
4. I drive people where they need to go.
5. I make sure everyone follows the law and gets along together.
6. I go into space to to help mankind learn about the universe.
7. I do experiements and ask questions about the world around
8. I make gardens look beautiful.
9. I take your money when you want to buy something.
10. I fix your car when it%27s broken.
11. I work in a kitchen making food for us to eat.
12. I deliver the mail every day.
13. I cure people who are sick and need my help.
14. I make beautiful peices of art in 3D for people to enjoy.
15. I draw the homes and bulidings where people live and work.