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Jobs and Occupations

Author: McCutcheon Stephen
Description: Review all the jobs and occupations first. Then match the job with it%27s definition/example. Move the job name over the definition for them both to disappear. When all the pairs have disappeared, you will be the winner.
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0. fireman
1. dustman
2. mechanic
3. hairdresser
4. painter
5. surgeon
6. politician
7. cook
8. architect
9. policeman
10. teacher
11. farmer
12. postman
13. reporter
14. carpenter
15. cleaner

0. I fix your car when it%27s broken.
1. I check your electrics and keep them safe in your house.
2. I collect your trash and take it somewhere safe to dispose.
3. I record the news for a newspaper or TV station
4. I work in cafes and restaurants to take your order and bring y
5. I work for myself in business.
6. I draw the homes and bulidings where people live and work.
7. I grow the crops that we need to eat.
8. I find the solutions to mysteries
9. I sing to make people happy. People like to buy my songs.
10. I sell things to people.
11. I work in a kitchen making food for us to eat.
12. I take your money when you want to buy something.
13. I help to clean your room and homes every day.
14. I deliver the mail every day.
15. I help make really sick people well again.