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4th primary t1 the rotation of sun and earth

Author: Hany Ghada
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1. the earth%27s axis is
A) verical
B) inclined
C) circular
D) horizontal

2. the Earth rotates around ................ once every 24 hours
A) sun
B) mars
C) its axis
D) stars

3. the earth rotates around the sun once every..............days
A) 365 and quarter
B) 3066 and quarter
C) 23
D) 24 and quarter

4. the phenomenon occurs when the earth revolves around the sun is callled #
A) sequence of seasons , sequence of four seasons

5. the season in which daytime is longer than night is #
A) summer

6. the phenomenon occurs when the earth rotates around its axis is #
A) sequence of day and night