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4/5th grade Posture Home Row

Author: masterson polly
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0. What doesthe return key do?
1. What finger do you press the return key with?
2. Where do your arms go?
3. What does the space bar do?
4. How often should you practice typing?
5. Home Row Keys
6. Where should your eys be looking?
7. Where do your feet go?
8. How should you sit in your chair?
9. What finger do you press the space bar with?
10. How should you hold your hands?
11. What finger rests on the J key?
12. What is this symbol called? ;
13. Words per minute
14. What finger rests on the A key?
15. What finger rests on the F key

0. Flat on the floor
1. at least 3 times a week
3. wpm
4. Up straight and tall
5. right pinky
6. Left index (pointer finger)
7. curved and above the home row keys
8. Starts a new line
9. Left pinky
10. Straight ahead at the monitor or a paper
11. seimcolon
12. Right index (pointer finger)
13. your thumbs
14. puts a space between word
15. By the side of your body