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3rd Grade Review Crossword

Author: Porter Rebecca
Description: Read the hints and write the word in the correct space. Check them off as you go. You get a point for each correct answer. Spell carefully!
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Crossword hints:
A word that means the point of view from which you or someone else sees. The Native Americans and the Pilgrims had different ______. We all have different ______., The prefix %22dis%22 means not or opposite of. This word uses %22dis%22 as a prefix and means to vanish., The suffix %27ful%27 means to be full of something. This word means to be ful of thanks. I felt _____ for my family., Can be large or small. Where an animal gets all its survival needs met., The multiplication symbol means ___ of. 2x5 means 2 ___ of 5., The natural resource the Wampanoags used to build their houses. (A type of tree.), A synonym for unattractive., A key word in math that lets you know you are using equal groups. If you see this word in a story problem you will have to either multiply or divide., An antonym for ugly. (Look the spelling up in your dictionary!), Combine the prefix and suffix of this word to make a new word: UNCOMFORTABLE I was __ to fix the pen., 2/4 and 4/8 are equivalent to one ____., A math term meaning how many units it takes to cover the surface of an object. If I want to lay carpet I need to measure the ___ of the room., The suffix %22able%22 means something can be done. This word means to be able to read. The handwriting is ____., A synonym for nice., The prefix %22re%22 means again. This word means to use something again.,

Crossword words: