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3rd Grade Review

Author: Masterson Polly
Keywords: history, , , , , , online teaching

0. Northwest Passage
1. trading post
2. revolution
3. treaty
4. voyagers
5. missionary
6. rebel
7. rebellion
8. barter
9. time line
10. proclamation
11. colony
12. territory
13. alliance
14. expedition
15. frontier

0. A place that is ruled by another country.
1. when people fight to change or %22overthrow%22 their government.
2. young men who took furs from Michigan to Quebec by canoe
3. To fight against rules and/or authority
4. Etienne Brule and Jean Nicolet were the first to search for the water route.
5. unsettled areas had stores where people could trade what they had.
6. an agreement to work together with another person, group, or country.
7. a formal agreement between nations.
8. a diagram that shows when events happened.
9. A struggle against a government or other authority.
10. a long journey that is usually made for a specific purpose
11. land owned by a country either within or outside of its borders
12. the far edge of a country. Where people are just beginning to settle
13. to trade good without using money.
14. someone who goes to a foreign place to teach religious beliefs to others.
15. a document which officially anounces something to the public.