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3 Philosophies of Ancient China

Author: Siler Brandy
Description: Sort the descriptions of each of the three ancient Chinese philosophies. The number of descriptions for each philosophy are NOT equal.
Keywords: China, Philosophies, Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism, , online teaching

1. Confucianism
2. Daoism
3. Legalism
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0. Followers wrote founder%27s sayings in a book - Analects.
1. Founder wrote his philsophy in Dao De Jing.
2. Founder = Hanfeizi
3. Founder = Confucius
4. Founder = Laozi
5. Emphasis = people need to have a sense of duty
6. Needs of family %26 community are top priority
7. All men with a talent for governing should be in gov%27t
8. Many modern Chinese still admire idea of duty to family
9. Founder was also called Old Master (maybe legendary)
10. People should give up worldly desires
11. Turn to nature and the force that guides all things (Dao)
12. Improve the world through hard work
13. Give up concerns about the world; seek inner peace
14. This philosophy literally means %22School of Law%22
15. This philosophy states that humans are naturally evil.
16. Harsh laws %26 strict punishments are necessary
17. A strong ruler is needed to keep order in society
18. Popular with aristocrats (favors force %26 power)
19. Led to cruel laws %26 punishments
20. Each person owes a duty to another person
21. People urged to be good and seek knowledge
22. Honor your promises; avoid extreme actions %26 feelings
23. Return to the beliefs and rituals of ancestors
24. Live in harmony with nature