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Digestive Dominoes

Author: Perez Fabiola
Description: Match the definiton on one end of the domino with the term on another end of a domino.
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0. Gastric Juice
1. Gallbladder
2. Saliva
3. Anus
4. Chemical digestion
5. Pancreas
6. Blood
7. Bile
8. Mechanical digestion
9. Rectum
10. Large intestine
11. Liver
12. Stomach
13. Small Intestine
14. Esophagus
15. Mouth

0. Transport tube that carries chewed food to the stomach
1. Churns food before sending it to the small intestine
2. The opening where wastes leave the body
3. Sends digestive juices into the small intestine to break down food
4. Flows through the liver and carries wastes and nutrients
5. Produces bile and filters blood from the digestive system
6. Organ where nutrients are absorbed from the food
7. Substance that breaks up fat particles
8. Stores bile made by the liver
9. Type of digestion that uses breaking and tearing of food
10. The first place food enters; most mechanical digestion is here
11. Short tube where solid wastes are stored until elimination
12. Liquid that starts the chemical breakdown of food in the mouth
13. Organ where water is absorbed from digested food
14. Acid found in the stomach to help break down food
15. Type of digestion where food is changed chemically