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2012 Social Studies Final Exam Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: River Valley Civilizations, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, World History, , online teaching

0. Reasons merchants only carried expen-sive goods on SR
1. Medieval feudal hierarchy
2. Chinese inventions/discoveries
3. Characteristics of the Athenian city-state
4. dharma
5. Farming Revolution %26 Permanent Settlements
6. Tip for determining direction between places
7. Chinese philosophy of DAOISM
8. Augustus brought in the Pax Romana. What was it?
9. Specialization
10. Egyptian accomplishments
11. Republic is a type of government where
12. Cardinal Directions
13. reincarnation
14. Torah
15. Justinian

0. 200 years of peace %26 prosperity %22Roman Peace%22
1. Byzantine emperor who rewrote laws for ease of reading
2. Turn to nature %26 stop worrying about earthly things
3. People learned to farm in one place - they were no longer nomads
4. there is NO king or queen and leaders are elected
5. North, East, South, West
6. The idea that what goes around comes around
7. a king or queen inherits the right to rule
8. time when Greek culture spread to non-Greeks of SW Asia
9. source of fresh water, fertile land, trade %26 travel
10. Give up all desires by following the 8-fold path.
11. bar graph
12. Bubonic Plague which killed millions in the Middle Ages
13. Spices Tea Silk Porcelain
14. Chinese idea of respect for elders
15. a few wealthy nobles make all important decisions