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2012 Social Studies Final Exam Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: River Valley Civilizations, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, World History, , online teaching

0. steps to become an expert in craft in the Middle Ages
1. Contributions of the ancient Roman Empire
2. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
3. Justinian
4. Egyptian accomplishments
5. Muhammad
6. When there%27s not enough for everyone to have ALL they want
7. Correct format for writing coordinates
8. Alexander the Great
9. Hellenistic Era
10. Augustus brought in the Pax Romana. What was it?
11. Qu%27ran
12. Chinese philsophy of CONFUCIANISM
13. On a climograph, temperature is represented by a
14. Cardinal Directions
15. Descriptions of the Pax Romana

0. 4,000 mile long trade route from China to the Mediterranean
1. the strict social structure of ancient India
2. line graph
3. Byzantine emperor who rewrote laws for ease of reading
4. Danger Difficulty High Taxes
5. The idea that what goes around comes around
6. followers (in Christianity - followers of Jesus)
7. bar graph
8. Turn to nature %26 stop worrying about earthly things
9. eye witness account - person was actually there
10. North, East, South, West
11. a king or queen inherits the right to rule
12. the prophet of Islam
13. Bubonic Plague which killed millions in the Middle Ages
14. Chinese idea of respect for elders
15. Spices Tea Silk Porcelain