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2012 Social Studies Final Exam Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: River Valley Civilizations, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, World History, , online teaching

0. intermediate directions
1. Torah
2. Nirvana
3. Secondary Source
4. Contributions of the ancient Roman Empire
5. Why did Buddhism appeal to the poor %26 unprivileged
6. Chinese philsophy of CONFUCIANISM
7. On a climograph, precipitation is represented by a
8. Jesus
9. Primary Source
10. Civilizations are complex societies with:
11. polytheism
12. Rule of Law
13. Correct format for writing coordinates
14. What conditions helped Jewish ideas spread?
15. Muhammad

0. the strict social structure of ancient India
1. power is taken by force by someone with no legal right to rule
2. Chritistians believe he is the Son of God %26 messiah
3. followers (in Christianity - followers of Jesus)
5. Danger Difficulty High Taxes
6. NW, NE, SW, SE
7. a king or queen inherits the right to rule
8. source of fresh water, fertile land, trade %26 travel
9. Bubonic Plague which killed millions in the Middle Ages
10. 4,000 mile long trade route from China to the Mediterranean
11. sacred - that%27s why many are vegetarians
12. Samsara - re-lease from cycle of rebirth (at one w/ Brahman)
13. oligarchy, focus on war, women had freedoms, little trade
14. (Latitude #┬░NorS, Longitude #┬░EorW)
15. power is in the hands of all of the citizens