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2012 Social Studies Final Exam Review

Author: Siler Brandy
Keywords: River Valley Civilizations, Greece, Rome, Middle Ages, World History, , online teaching

0. Hellenistic Era
1. intermediate directions
2. Tip for determining direction between places
3. Why did Buddhism appeal to the poor %26 unprivileged
4. Black Death
5. Descriptions of the Pax Romana
6. Canaan was made up of these 3 modern nations
7. Republic is a type of government where
8. Torah
9. Filial Piety
10. Muhammad
11. steps to become an expert in craft in the Middle Ages
12. What conditions helped Jewish ideas spread?
13. Nirvana
14. Jesus
15. Reasons merchants only carried expen-sive goods on SR

0. 200 years of peace %26 prosperity %22Roman Peace%22
1. Israel Jordan Lebanon
2. 4,000 mile long trade route from China to the Mediterranean
3. Spices Tea Silk Porcelain
4. Society would be best if everyone would just do their duty
5. the strict social structure of ancient India
6. bar graph
7. oligarchy, focus on war, women had freedoms, little trade
8. the belief in only one god
9. 26-letter alpha-bet, roads, gov%27t, Christianity, aqueducts, etc.
10. Byzantine emperor who rewrote laws for ease of reading
11. democrachy, focus on education %26 arts, lots of trade
12. civil service exam, saddle, stirrup, acupunc-ture, crossbow
13. The idea that what goes around comes around
14. A surplus of crops meant not everyone had to be a farmer
15. sacred - that%27s why many are vegetarians