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atomic structure

Author: aziz mona
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0. Boyle
1. Thomson
2. Nucleus
3. Shrodinger
4. Hund
5. Electron
6. Aristotle
7. Bohr
8. Proton
9. Rutherford
10. ZnS
11. Element
12. Building up principle
13. Quantum
14. Dalton
15. Greek philosephers

0. Simple, pure form of matter that cannot be changed into simpler form by n
1. Gives the first atomic model
2. Matter consists of 4 elements which are: air, water, dust and fire
3. Introduce the wave equation to locate the electron in the atom
4. Introduce the term atom
5. Amount of energy that can be lost or gaind when electron transfer from one
6. Electrons occupy energy levels and sublevels according to its energy in an assi
7. A scientest who wons the Nobel price for his efforts to find the atomic model
8. Atom is complicated structure like solar system
9. Is found at the center of the atom where the atomic mass is concentrated insi
10. no electron pairing takes place until each orbital is ocupied by an electron
11. Is a negatively charched particle that have also a wave properties
12. Gives the first deginition of element
13. A positively charged particle found inside the nucleous of the atom
14. Is a fluerecent material that glows at site of collision
15. Carry out cathode ray experiment