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Multiple Choice prefix_suffix_roots Definitions

Author: Frey Donna
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1. a post-hypnotic suggestion would be:
A) a suggestion made before being hypnotized
B) a suggestion made before reading
C) a suggestion about hypnosis
D) a suggestion made after being hypnotized

2. a multicultural feast would include:
A) music from many different countries
B) food from the United States
C) food and people from many different countries
D) people from the United States

3. non-essential personnell means:
A) important employees
B) employees who are not needed in an emergency or crisis
C) unhappy employees
D) all employees

4. an example of a homograph or homonym would be:
A) bear/bare
B) bear/animal
C) bare/naked
D) bare/dressed

5. a malnourished child would mean:
A) a child who is sick
B) an overweight child
C) a child who doesn%27t read
D) a child who has poor nutrition

6. misdiagnosis means:
A) an unimportant diagnosis
B) a wrong diagnosis
C) a successful diagnosis
D) a different diagnosis from the original diagnosis