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Passive voice

Author: cinco caja
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1. Mr Jones watches the film.
A) The film is watch
B) The film is watched
C) The film are watched

2. The people speak English.
A) English is speak.
B) English is spoke.
C) English is spoken.

3. He reads comics.
A) Comics is read.
B) Comics are read.
C) Comics are reading.

4. We play volleyball.
A) Volleyball is play.
B) Volleyball is played.
C) Volleyball is plaied.

5. They sing the song.
A) The song is sing.
B) The song is sang.
C) The song is sung.

6. I take photos.
A) Photos are take.
B) Photos are took.
C) Photos are taken.

7. She bought four apples.
A) Four apples are bought.
B) Four apples was bought.
C) Four apples were bought.

8. We won the match.
A) The match is won.
B) The match was won.
C) The match were won.

9. The man stole the blue car.
A) The blue car is stolen.
B) The blue car was stolen.
C) The blue car were stolen.

10. The police arrested the thieves.
A) The thieves are arrested.
B) The thieves was arrested.
C) The thieves were arrested.

11. Jack swam the 200 metres.
A) The 200 metres are swum.
B) The 200 metres was swum.
C) The 200 metres were swum.

12. Sharon will invite Tom to the party.
A) Tom will be invite to the party by Sharon.
B) Tom will be invited to the party by Sharon.
C) Tom will been invited to the party by Sharon.

13. Terry can%27t foretell the future.
A) The future can%27t is foretold by Terry.
B) The future can%27t been foretold by Terry.
C) The future can%27t be foretold by Terry.

14. Her company may give Katya a new office.
A) Katya may been given a new office by her company.
B) Katya may be given a new office by her company.
C) Katya may is given a new office by her company.

15. Children shouldn%27t smoke cigarettes.
A) Cigarettes shouldn%27t be smoked by children.
B) Cigarettes shouldn%27t be smoke by children.
C) Cigarettes shouldn%27t been smoked by children.

16. Tourists must apply for a passport to travel abroad.
A) A passport to travel abroad must be apply for.
B) A passport to travel abroad must been applied for.
C) A passport to travel abroad must be applied for.

17. She has to practice English every day.
A) English have to be practiced every day.
B) English has to be practiced every day.
C) English has to be practice every day.

18. Kerrie has paid the bill.
A) The bill has been paid by Kerrie.
B) The bill have been paid by Kerrie.
C) The bill has be paid by Kerrie.

19. I have eaten a hamburger.
A) A hamburger have been eaten by me.
B) A hamburger has been eaten by me.
C) A hamburger has be eaten by me.

20. We have cycled five miles
A) Five miles has been cycled by us
B) Five miles have be cycled by us
C) Five miles have been cycled by us

21. I have opened the present.
A) The present has been opened by me.
B) The present have been opened by me.
C) The present has be opened by me.

22. They have not read the book.
A) The book has not been read by them.
B) The book have not been read by them.
C) The book has not being read by them.

23. I had worn blue shoes.
A) Blue shoes had be worn by me.
B) Blue shoes had being worn by me.
C) Blue shoes had been worn by me.

24. Joe had cleaned the tables.
A) The tables had been cleaned by Joe.
B) The tables had being cleaned by Joe.
C) The tables had be cleaned by Joe.

25. We had lost the key.
A) The key had being lost by us.
B) The key had been lost by us.
C) The key had be lost by us.

26. They had started a fight.
A) A fight had being started by them.
B) A fight had be started by them.
C) A fight had been started by them.

27. I had been reading an article.
A) An article had been read by me.
B) An article had being read by me.
C) An article had be read by me.

28. Sheila is drinking a cup of tea.
A) A cup of tea is beendrunk by Sheila.
B) A cup of tea is being drunk by Sheila.
C) A cup of tea are being drunk by Sheila.

29. My father is washing the car.
A) The car is been washed by my father.
B) The car is be washed by my father.
C) The car is being washed by my father.

30. Farmer Joe is milking the cows.
A) The cows are being milked by farmer Joe.
B) The cows are been milked by farmer Joe.
C) The cows is being milked by farmer Joe.

31. She is taking a picture of him.
A) A picture of him is been taken by her.
B) A picture of him is being taken by her.
C) A picture of him is be taken by her.

32. I am writing a poem.
A) A poem is been written by me.
B) A poem is be written by me.
C) A poem is being written by me.

33. We were talking about Francis.
A) Francis was being talked about by us.
B) Francis was been talked about by us
C) Francis were being talked about by us.

34. He was playing the guitar.
A) The guitar were being played by him.
B) The guitar was being played by him.
C) The guitar was been played by him.

35. She was watching a film.
A) A film were being watched by her
B) A film was been watched by her
C) A film was being watched by her

36. I was repairing their bikes.
A) Their bikes were being repaired by me.
B) Their bikes was being repaired by me.
C) Their bikes were been repaired by me.

37. They were not eating dinner.
A) Dinner were not being eaten by them.
B) Dinner was not being eaten by them.
C) Dinner was not been eaten by them.