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Grade 3 Social Studies: Unit 2 Student Vocabulary

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0. consumer
1. human resources
2. limited resources
3. opportunity cost
4. phonograph
5. barter
6. interdependence
7. improvements
8. discoveries
9. services
10. product
11. economic problems
12. scarcity
13. capital resources
14. natural resources
15. interdependent

0. depending on each other
1. better ways of doing things
2. a machine that plays sounds that have been saved ....
3. special materials or tools that help someone do a job
4. tools, machines, methods, and other things used to perform ...
5. actions (jobs) that people do for each other
6. different ways of communicating
7. occurs when people can’t get everything they want
8. goods made by people and used to produce other goods
9. gifts of nature that can be used to produce goods and services
10. a thing based on a new idea or way of doing things
11. not having enough resources to produce all the ...
12. a process of making a product, either a good or a service
13. an area shared by everyone in the community
14. things that people make or grow that satisfy economic wants
15. people who buy and use goods and services to meet eco wants