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Grade 3 Social Studies: Unit 2 Student Vocabulary

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0. product
1. natural resources
2. specialize
3. barter
4. resources
5. technology
6. production
7. discoveries
8. limited resources
9. interdependence
10. human resources
11. media
12. goods
13. producer
14. choices
15. invention

0. depending on someone else for goods or services
1. people who buy and use goods and services to meet eco wants
2. a number of things from which to choose
3. the act of seeing or finding out something for the first time
4. people doing physical or mental work to produce goods
5. money that people earn for their work
6. a machine that plays sounds that have been saved ....
7. information that a producer provides about products and ser
8. things that can be used to produce a good or a service
9. better ways of doing things
10. a process of making a product, either a good or a service
11. important new discoveries that can be used to solve problems
12. a person who makes or grows something
13. a thing based on a new idea or way of doing things
14. different ways of communicating
15. not having enough resources to produce all the ...