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Chemistry work sheet 2

Author: aziz mona
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1. The maximum number of electrons that saturate the principal energy level (n) can be calculated using the rule
A) n - 2
B) 2n2
C) n2
D) 2n %2b 1

2. Atoms of all elements don’t contain the energy sublevel
A) 4 d
B) 3 S
C) 2 d
D) 2 p

3. The energy sublevels may be arranged according to their increasing energy in an ascending order as follows
A) 3s˂3p˂4d˂4s
B) 3s˂4p˂4f
C) 3s˂3p˂3d˂4s
D) 3s˂3p˂4s˂3d

4. From the characteristics of the cathode rays, that they are
A) positively charged
B) not affected by magnetic fiel
C) have thermal effect
D) (a %26 b) together